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I had a dream I kissed you last night. I literally swept you off your golden dusted feet and as I held you in my arms I looked into the purest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. You playfully looked down with a smile that looked halfway between mild surprise and as if someone knocked the wind out of you (which i probably did.) Then your gaze shifted from the floor to my hand, and I guess you must have somehow sensed how lonely it was, how longing it was for a companion, because before i could react your fingers had fill the spaces in mine and finally your eyes met my eyes with a look of shock and then a look of relief when I decided to squeeze your hand back. To be honest, at this point I had no idea what to do. This was enough for me. Making it to this moment in time and space when both seem to stop, I felt infinite. But we stared at each other just a little too long because I felt an irresistible urge to do something. So I pulled you closer so our heads would meet first, just to gauge your reaction. You bit your bottom lip in nervous anticipation and after that I closed my eyes and all I could feel was your lips. I was kissing you. And to a more surprising extent, you were kissing me back. We swapped hot breathes and anxious chuckles and all the problems with kissing girls with braces faded away. Of course then, as the saying goes, I woke up. And I know it might because I have weird dreams when I sleep on the floor, and this is the fourth night in a row you fell asleep texting only me and girls like you arent supposed to talk to guys like me. But I also know something else. We arent supposed to remember dreams like this, not this vivid, not unless my brain is trying to tell me something. I hope it is. I really do cause im sleeping in my bed tonight.
Tayo Omisore- I have the weirdest dreams when I sleep on the floor. (via aprilsonly)
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